50 Best Engineering Job Sites

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In tough economic times, job hunting can be frustrating. When choosing a career path, it can help to consider your options and develop skills that are in demand. One of the careers that is likely to see stability in the future is engineering. Engineering program graduates have opportunities in a number of different fields.

If you are are looking for a good salary as an engineer, there are a number of job sites that can help you start a successful career in engineering. As you complete your program, consider your options, and begin visiting any of these 50 engineering job sites:

General Engineering and Science Job Sites

These web sites offer listings for different engineering jobs in a number of fields. You can also visit science job sites to find some engineering listings.

  1. Engineer Jobs: Look for jobs in a number of specialties.
  2. Engineering Central: Includes “hot jobs” as well as more general listings.
  3. Engineer Jobs Help: Find engineering jobs by state. A helpful resource.
  4. Engineer.net: Plenty of engineering options, including sales engineers and engineers specializing in lean practices.
  5. Engineering.jobs: Search by company. You can also check jobs by state and also search by specific occupation.
  6. Engineer Jobs: You can search a number of engineering jobs. This site features new jobs posted in the last week.
  7. ThinkJobs: Search by industry, job title, and salary. You can also see new jobs in the past 10 days.
  8. Engineering Jobs Site: Use this site to conduct an advanced search for engineering openings.
  9. SaE Job: Science and engineering jobs in a variety of specialties.
  10. Environmental Science & Engineering Jobs: You can find some great science and engineering jobs, including those in environmental fields.
  11. PhDs.org: Find advanced engineering jobs with the help of this great web site. Includes a number of other high tech and science job listings.

Civil Engineering Job Sites

Find work in this specific field of engineering. If you are a civil engineer, you can visit these web sites to look for openings.

  1. Civil Engineering Central: This job web site offers you the options to search for openings in different civil engineering job categories.
  2. Civil Engineer Job Source: Look for civil engineering jobs by state, and by using advanced search methods.
  3. Civil Engineering Jobs: Basic search site. Enter your keywords and find the job you want.
  4. iCivilEngineer: Resource site for civil engineers, including a virtual job fair and an exam guide.
  5. ASCE Connections: The American Society of Civil Engineers offers you the chance to connect with other civil engineers, and find jobs.
  6. CivilEngineeringJOBS: Aimed specifically helping civil engineers find jobs; openings all over the country.
  7. Civil Engineering Crossing: Look for civil engineering jobs, and even find jobs that are from news sources.
  8. Civil Search International: Great resource for finding international civil engineering jobs.

Electrical Engineering Job Sites

If you are interested in electricity, and the applications of electromagnetism, check these jobs sites for possible opportunities.

  1. Electrical Engineer: Plenty of great job opportunities for those interested in electrical engineering.
  2. Electrical Engineering Online: Online resources for electrical engineering.
  3. Electrical Engineer Job Source: Resource for electrical engineering jobs around the country. Search by state.
  4. Electrical Engineering Jobs: EE Web provides you access to jobs. Interactive map that shows locations of electrical engineering jobs around the world.
  5. IEEE JobSite: A look at where you can find electrical engineering jobs around the country.
  6. SPIE Career Center: This is a career site for optical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Job Sites

Look through these web sites if you have an interesting in mechanical engineering, as well as aerospace engineering.

  1. Mechanical Engineer: This web site can help you find a job as a mechanical engineer.
  2. ASME Career Center: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers offers job listings and career tips.
  3. CTS International: A number of international jobs, including aerospace engineering jobs.
  4. Aviation Jobs Search: You can find engineering jobs related to aviation at this site.
  5. Aerospace Engineer Jobs: Look for jobs in the aerospace industry.
  6. Aircraft Maintenance and Aerospace Engineering Jobs: You can find different jobs related to aerospace engineering, and aircraft maintenance.
  7. SAE International: The Society for Automotive Engineers offers career resources and job listings.
  8. AIAA Career Center: Look for jobs with the help of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Software Engineering Job Sites

As technology continues to advance, demand for software engineers will be in higher demand. Use these job web sites to find openings.

  1. Dice.com: This technology job site includes software engineer job listings.
  2. Software Engineer: Search a variety of software engineer jobs from around the country.
  3. Software Engineering Careers: Find great software engineer jobs, including jobs at top companies.
  4. Software Engineering Jobs: Microsoft offers you access to quality job listings.
  5. Code Jobs: Different computer related jobs, including software engineering opportunities around the country.
  6. Jobs for Programmers: You can apply for a job as a software engineer, as well as other computer related jobs. Great for a programming engineer.
  7. Software Engineer Jobs: Look for openings in software engineering, from the jobs search site Computer Scientist Jobs.
  8. Software Engineering Jobs: This Web site is devoted to helping software engineers find jobs that they enjoy.

Major Employment Search Web Sites

You can also find jobs on major web sites. However, you might be better off starting with the niche sites, in order to find jobs more suited to your specialty.

  1. Engineering Jobs & Resources: CareerBuilder.com has a section directed toward engineers.
  2. Engineering Jobs: The job site Thingamajob offers you the chance to browse jobs related to engineering.
  3. Monster.com: There are thousands of engineering jobs on Monster.com career super site.
  4. Engineering Jobs: You can search Nation Jobs for engineering openings. You can look at featured jobs, or browse all the listings.
  5. American Science and Engineering Jobs: Career web site Simply Hired offers specific engineering jobs, and salary information.
  6. Engineering Jobs: Indeed.com offers you the chance to find engineering  jobs all over the country.
  7. Go Jobs: Search engineering jobs from around the country.
  8. Engineer Jobs: High end engineer job listings on Glassdoor.com.
  9. TopUSAJobs.com: Major job site provides you with job opportunities in various engineering fields.

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