Careers in field of engineering is very popular due to the prestige, positive job outlook, and higher than average salary related to this field. If you are innovative, creative and like to have a challenging career then engineering is a right career for you to moving ahead in your life.   Here are some facts related with career of Engineering.

  1. Being explaining it to be engineering is the field of applied sciences and mathematics to create solutions solving a problem. An engineer design and manufacture machines, processes, systems and economic structures. So it can be understood that engineers are inventors. It is very rewarding career for creative and innovative persons around the world and there to a great deal of prestige is associated with engineering career.
  2. In order to become the best engineer you should be a good at math and physics with creative bend of mind with curiosity to manufacture and fabricate new things and projects.
  3. In engineering, there exists a very vast and open field to work upon as far as technologies advances the scope for engineering also increases. There are more than known 25 recognized career options for students in engineering. A few well known streams of engineering are aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, material engineering, mechanical engineering and software engineering.
  4. For becoming an engineer person should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. Engineers happen to be smarter people having skills in Math and physics. They are people who always does not invent, they also follow prescribed guidelines, formulas, theories and standards. In the end for becoming an engineer you should have basic grasp over subjects like physic and mathematics.
  5. As looking out for engineering jobs one should not only rely upon ads advertised into scientific journals but other places too. A person should look out for job scope at meeting and conferences. As in meeting or a conference you meet a variety of people from your area and field of interest. There you can discuss about the job opportunities for rather longer term or for a permanent base.
  6. Salaries for engineers lies into the departments in which they work for as for a recent estimates the highest salary was offered in aerospace preceded by agriculture, architecture, bioengineering and biomedical. Annual earnings for  the branch of engineering lies being as electrical$75, 980, Civil $68, 600, Mechanical $69, 850, Computer Hardware $88, 470, Nuclear$90, 220 and Biomedical$73, 930.
  7. As according to a survey held in US, nearly 1.5 million jobs were accounted for engineers in United States. Of those civil engineers held 256,000 jobs, mechanical engineers worked in 227,000 positions, industrial engineers worked on nearly 201,000 positions, electrical engineers on 153, 000 positions and computer engineers 138,000. And as for job prospects and growth engineering employment in US would grow as fast as like other occupations till 2016.

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