Master’s in Engineering Management

Engineering management is one field of study and practice that certainly does live up to its name. This field emphasizes the planning and oversight of how industrial and manufacturing companies operate. More specifically, it involves taking the principles of basic contemporary engineering and applying it to business management – with a goal of ensuring a more efficient operation.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

Students pursuing a master’s in engineering management generally have two degree-choice options at their disposal – a master of science in engineering management, or a master of business administration (MBA) that specializes in management of engineering and technology. Either way, graduates can use their combined degree focus to work in any number of settings. Some may end up consulting, others may help engineering plants become properly optimized. In whatever case, such a degree is centered on applying proper management techniques to the engineering industry, rather than hands-on engineering development work.

Jobs & Salaries with This Degree

While many engineers obtain an advanced degree specializing in the their preferred area of practice or field, those interested in helping properly optimize engineering operations and becoming managers in their current engineering field may benefit directly from obtaining such a degree. Projected employment for engineering managers is on the rise, expecting to grow 10 percent by the end of decade, while the median annual wage of engineering managers is currently about $115,000.

Requirements for Earning this Degree

Those students who take the MBA track will find available coursework including principles of productivity, quality management, and management of technology. Those who take the MS in engineering management track will find curriculum that focus on such areas of study as problems in human relations, financial management and economics, and workplace communications. A bachelor’s degree will be required, but because the projected career path is one of tactical and hands-on engineering practice, an engineering undergraduate degree is not necessarily a requirement.

Online Master’s in Engineering Management Degree Programs

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Norwich University
Master of Civil Eng
Norwich University: Norwich University's online Master of Civil Engineering (MCE) program is well suited for working professionals and can be completed in under two years. Virtual classrooms allow professionals to connect with each other while developing technical knowledge, project management skills, and learning specific subjects like structural, geotechnical, construction management, or environmental engineering.
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