Master’s in Engineering Technology

Those who work in the field of engineering technology (engineering technologists) can be credited with helping new developments or advancements in any number of engineering fields. In essence, they are the support arm of the various engineering industries they serve in.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

Those who obtain an advances master’s in engineering technology – expectedly a master of science degree – offer support more than developmental usefulness, utilizing their talents less on the theory and development end of the spectrum, and more in the realm of application and implementation. Some job functions may include product testing or quality control; others may fall under operations management or project efficiency assessment. In the end, the job duties will vary based on the nature of the industry the degree holder is working in.

Jobs & Salaries with This Degree

Engineering technologists may find career advancement in such areas of concentration as construction, manufacturing, maintenance, or management across any number of engineering-related fields. The engineering technology industry is expected to see moderate growth over the next 5-to-10 years, but the exact situation will vary depending on what engineering specialty someone with a master’s in engineering technology seeks their employment. Median annual wages vary similarly, with technologists in the aerospace engineering and electrical and electronics realms besting $53,000 per year. A median of $44,000 is present for civil engineering technologists, while the median for industrial engineering technologists is $47,000.

Requirements for Earning this Degree

As described by the National Society of Professional Engineers,”Engineering programs are geared toward development of conceptual skills … Engineering technology programs are oriented toward application.” Such coursework along those lines include the study of rapid prototyping and product design, programmable devices and systems, and materials for emerging technologies. A bachelor’s degree – not necessarily in the engineering field, however – is required for admission into a master of science in engineering technology program.

Online Master’s in Engineering Technology Degree Programs

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Norwich University
Master of Civil Eng
Norwich University: Norwich University's online Master of Civil Engineering (MCE) program is well suited for working professionals and can be completed in under two years. Virtual classrooms allow professionals to connect with each other while developing technical knowledge, project management skills, and learning specific subjects like structural, geotechnical, construction management, or environmental engineering.
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