Master’s in Facility Management Engineering

The practice of facility management engineering is a multi-faceted field that focuses on the upkeep, care, and evolution of commercial, large-scale manufacturing and warehouse buildings, among others, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

While not directly billed as an engineering degree by nature, the typical facility management engineering advanced degree may fall under the heading of a master of science in technology, with an emphasis in facility management – and in some cases, is part of a university’s respective engineering school. Facility managers, when in place in their position at time of design construction of a particular institutional building, often plan and coordinate how the building will serve the company organization in the most effective way possible.

Jobs & Salaries with This Degree

In the case of a master’s degree in facility management, the most common job is wright there in the title. Successful facility managers, specifically those with a master’s degree in facility management, will be relied on to efficiently balance energy needs with actual usage and costs, as well as all facets of the buildings general infrastructure related to technology, and telecommunications. While competition for higher level opportunities is fierce, demand is currently strong for facility managers as businesses more than ever realize how crucial it is to maintain security and production efficiency while minimizing risk possibilities. The mean annual income for facility managers is right around $79,000.

Requirements for Earning this Degree

While a benchmark score on the Graduate Record Examination is necessary for entry into such an advanced degree program, a bachelor’s degree is also a general prerequisite. While some programs don’t require that the undergraduate major align directly with facility management, some curriculum requires experience with trigonometry and statistics for entrance. Core curriculum for a master’s degree in facility management engineering may include the study of energy management, facilities contract management, facilities maintenance and operation, financial and assessment management, management of telecommunications infrastructure, and project management.

Online Master’s in Facility Management Engineering Degree Programs

There are currently no Master’s in Facility Management programs available, but the closely-related field of Civil Engineering does have available programs.

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