Master’s in Mechanical Engineering

One of the most popular of the long-established engineering fields, the practice of mechanical engineering utilizes mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools. It is also one of the oldest engineering disciplines, and utilizes the principles of physics directly in day-to-day operations.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

Students who obtain a master’s in mechanical engineering will most commonly graduate with a master of engineering advanced degree, although master of science options are available. Successful candidates can expect a wide array of opportunities, considering the broad scope the mechanical engineering field spans and its importance in the day-to-day efficiency of nearly every other engineering field. In recent years, the number of employed mechanical engineers in the United States trailed only the civil engineering field, and nearly 15 percent of all qualified engineers were of the mechanical engineering variety.

Jobs & Salaries with This Degree

Mechanical engineers, by trade, can be expected to conceptualize, develop and test virtually any mechanical device the mind can drum up. From tools to engines to other advanced machines, mechanical engineers are counted on in many cases to design tools or machinery that other engineers utilized in their daily job duties. While there is already a large quota of mechanical engineers in the field today, the industry is still expected to grow by another 6 percent or so by the end of the decade. The median annual salary for such a career path with an advanced degree is right around $75,000.

Requirements for Earning this Degree

For those who already have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, some schools offer an option that will allow students to utilize their undergraduate degree as the baseboard for their advanced studies. For those who don’t yet have a bachelor, some options do exist that allow for a cohesive undergraduate and graduate program in one.

Online Master’s in Mechanical Engineering Degree Programs

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Norwich University
Master of Civil Eng
Norwich University: Norwich University's online Master of Civil Engineering (MCE) program is well suited for working professionals and can be completed in under two years. Virtual classrooms allow professionals to connect with each other while developing technical knowledge, project management skills, and learning specific subjects like structural, geotechnical, construction management, or environmental engineering.
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