Master’s in Microelectronics Engineering

A subdivision of the electronics fields, the practice of microelectronics focuses in more detail on the composition of smaller electronic components – specifically the development of semiconductors. Diodes, resistors, capacitors and transistors – among other circuit board components – are also under the purview of a microelectronics engineer.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

While most closely related to the fields of electronics engineering and electrical engineering, microelectronics more specifically deals with the development of circuitry at the smallest of small scales, ultimately serving as the backbone of our society’s technological interfacing system. Graduates with a master’s in microelectronics engineering will most likely earn a master of engineer degree with a specialty in microelectronics or microelectronics manufacturing engineering, and can expect post-graduate career opportunities as process engineers, device engineers, process development engineers, product engineers and applications engineers.

Jobs & Salaries with This Degree

Because of growing international (outsourcing) options and a bevy of streamlined processes, career growth in the microelectronics manufacturing field is expected to slightly decline over the next decade. But because of the continued growth of the industry as a whole, a significant number of jobs are still in play in the United States. At the same time, those who have utilized their master’s of microelectronics engineer degree to advance their career have enjoyed a median annual salary between $81,000 and $89,000.

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