Master’s in Transmission & Distribution Engineering

The study and practice of transmission and distribution engineering comes forth as a subset of power engineering (also known as power systems engineering). This particular specialty specifically deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The design of such devices as generators, motors, and transformers also fall under the guise of this area of study.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

While traditional career opportunities with a master’s in transmission and distribution engineering degree – which falls under the scope of a master’s in engineering degree – may come through public utility companies, opportunities in the green energy sector are becoming available faster than would-be applicants for such jobs are qualified as highly-trained power engineers.

Jobs & Salaries with This Degree

Some universities have noted that the United States has seen a three-decade decline in the number of graduate students seeking advanced engineering degrees, with specific emphasis pointed to the sharp reduction in those who focus their graduate studies on “power”-related topics – like transmission and distribution. The need for highly trained power engineers is increasing as the industry grows and the number of current engineers employed in these fields leave the workforce, namely through retirement. The median annual income with such a master’s degree in tow is approaching the $90,000 range.

Requirements for Earning this Degree

Students will be required to take specific coursework depending on their track – in many instances either transmission or distribution. Transmission track coursework includes electric grid operations, project development and an array of courses studying construction methods and transmission line. For the distribution track, coursework in distribution system design, system protection, system automation and power analysis in included amongst general curriculum. Students also may have the ability to take MBA and organizational leadership electives.

Online Master’s in Transmission & Distribution Engineering Degree Programs

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