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If you work as an engineer, you have to possess current knowledge of the practices and technology applied in your filed. This is a dynamic field therefore you need to be well informed and trained. It is not easy to take time off work to get the training required and this is why an online Masters in Engineering will come in handy. By furthering your education, you will be in a better position to get promoted and in some cases even maintain your job. Online Masters in Engineering degrees are offered in various fields including civil, computer, systems, electrical and software. Once you complete your masters, you can qualify for faculty positions and even research and development projects in the field.

The online Masters in Engineering programs are usually referred to as outreach programs and offer a great solution for individuals who are fulltime professionals. This will allow you to get your masters without interfering with your career or family life. With this program, the on-campus programs are streamed on video or DVD. All you need to get access to these classes is a computer with high speed internet. The outreach programs offer the same kind of material offered to on-campus students.

You will be required to complete 36 credit hours for your masters and to graduate; you have to get at minimum of a B as your grade-point-average.  You will choose the courses from the variety that is available for this degree but your advisor has to approve the courses you choose. There are two compulsory courses that include Engineering Law and Engineering Management.

Most of the universities that offer the programs make them available to those who do not live near campuses or those who have to take care of a family or work.  There is no restriction on which web connection you use to get access to the course material for your Master’s in Engineering but for examinations; there are some specific sites that are made available for control purposes. Some of the most common sites that the schools use include universities, embassies, community colleges, consulates and industries.

To qualify for this degree, you have to hold a baccalaureate degree in any engineering filed or a related one like physics, computer science or mathematics. The degree has to be from an institution that is accredited. You should also have a grade-point-average of 4.0 in your undergraduate degree.

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