One of the fastest growing fields is engineering. Indeed, there are many career choices in engineering, ranging from civil engineering to aerospace engineering. With many companies looking for engineers, and demand for engineers likely to increase, you might find that this career path offers a number of interesting possibilities. A segment of engineering that is receiving especial attention recently is environmental and green engineering. If you are looking for more information about green and environmental engineering, here are 50 great blogs to start with:

Engineering Industry Blogs

Get the latest news and information from those who know about green engineering, and what is happening in the industry.

  1. Real Life LEED: What you need to know about get certified for LEED. A great practical resource for meeting LEED standards.
  2. Environmental Engineering Blog: Takes a look at different issues related to green engineering.
  3. Smart Grid: A helpful site that offers the latest green engineering news from various feeds.
  4. CEE Student Blogs: News, information and updates from the students at MIT’s Civil & Environmental Engineering department.
  5. Jetson Green: One of the most respected blogs related to environmental engineering. Offers insights and information on industry news.
  6. Green: The New York Times offers some information on energy, business and the environment. A great blog environmental engineers.
  7. iCivilEngineer: Latest information and news from the civil engineering industry. Includes green engineering.
  8. Construction, Building, and Engineering News: The latest news and information related to engineering.
  9. Engineering Specifier: A look at what is happening right now in the world of engineering, including green engineering.
  10. Engineeringtalk: All the things that are getting attention from engineers. Includes information on green developments and more.
  11. Military-Aerospace Engineering Industry News: Get the latest headlines and developments related to military and aerospace engineering. Also includes breakthroughs in sustainable engineering.
  12. ME Magazine Breaking News Headlines: Mechanical engineers can get information and industry headlines from this blog. Includes engineering news related to the environment.
  13. Chemical Engineering: Keep up with the latest in chemical engineering news. Also includes great information on green engineering advances.

Energy and Technology Development Blogs

One of the main aims of many green engineers is to come up with alternative energy sources, and to make current sources of energy more environmentally friendly. Additionally, green technology is an important part of environmental engineering.

  1. Earth & Industry: A look at how engineering, technology and the environment can all be compatible.
  2. Green Technology: See how engineering is being applied every day to make a greener, more sustainable world.
  3. This blog is devoted to issues related to energy and energy engineering. The latest energy headlines and advancements.
  4. Autoblog Green: Mechanical engineers with an interest in cars — especially green cars — can enjoy this blog.
  5. CleanTechnica: Clean tech at its finest. Includes engineering innovations that help make the world a little greener.
  6. Worldchanging: How environmental engineering can help change the world. An interesting look at what’s coming in green technology.
  7. Jim Motavalli on Green Transportation: Another interesting engineering source that focuses on transportation issues.
  8. Alternative Energy News: Information on green energy, technological advances, and more.
  9. EcoGeek: A blog that looks at green technology advances and includes some interesting green engineering information.
  10. The Green Technology Blog: Get your fill of green tech news, and information about sustainable engineering.
  11. GoodCleanTech: Offers a look at green technology and engineering advancements. Helpful information on what’s next in clean tech.
  12. MetaEfficient: News, reviews and information on green technology and energy. Includes information on how engineering can make technology and energy more efficient (and environmentally friendly).
  13. The Renewable Energy Blog: Helpful information on alternative energy engineering, and information on developing renewable energy.
  14. The Oil Drum: Focuses on oil, energy, and the future. Includes interesting energy engineering information. Great discussions about the future of energy.

Sustainable Building and City Design Blogs

Civil engineers are interested in creating living spaces that are more sustainable. Here are some great blogs about this quest.

  1. Architectural Record: Considers green architecture and building.
  2. Building Commissioning: Resources, news and information related to green engineering and building.
  3. Civil Solutions: These civil engineers offer helpful information on greener building.
  4. Environmental Building Strategies: Keep up with environmental strategies for building.
  5. A helpful site that civil engineers can use to learn more about green building and architecture.
  6. Green Building Advisor: Get a handle on green building and environmentally friendly civil engineering.
  7. Green Building Elements: Find out what it takes to build sustainably.
  8. 100K House: Looks at how you can make a home that is green and sustainable.
  9. Metropolis POV: A civil engineering blog that focuses on design, including sustainable building. A look at contemporary issues in civil engineering.
  10. Green Architecture and Building Report: An interesting look at what is going on in sustainable architecture.
  11. Inhabitat: This is one of the premier blogs about green civil engineering and sustainable living design.
  12. DJC Green Building Blog: Information on green building, and civil engineering with a sustainable twist.
  13. GreenerBuildings: Learn how engineering can help you design green buildings and cityscapes.

Environmental Law and Policy Blogs

It helps to understand environmental regulations and policies when you are a green engineer. These blogs provide news and more about what is developing in the world of environmental policy.

  1. Green Real Estate Law Journal: Learn more about law as it relates to sustainable real estate.
  2. Maria Energia: Information on policies related to the environment and energy.
  3. Strategies for Sustainability: A look at policies that can lead to leadership in green practices. Great for engineers.
  4. Greenbang: A great policy blog looking at green business ideas and solutions, including engineering innovations that can help.
  5. Office of Science and Technology Blog: The White House offers this blog that addresses policy related to science and technology — and includes information on environmental engineering.
  6. Environmental Science Institute: Looks into issues of sustainability and green engineering. Looks at green policies.
  7. Ecology and Policy Blog: This blog from the British Ecological Society offers an interesting look at policy from a British point of view. Great blog for engineers to read.
  8. Environmental Law & Climate Change Law Blog: Helpful information for engineers looking to keep in compliance with laws related to the environment.
  9. Energy & Environmental Law Blog: Keep up with energy law. Helpful for engineers — especially those involved in energy engineering.
  10. Law and the Environment: An interesting resource for those interested in environmental engineering and the laws involved.

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