Average Salary with a Masters in Engineering

The average salary with a masters in engineering is not always a static thing. There may be a set range that people with masters degrees in engineering make and more specific salary ranges depending on your job title but there is also a certain amount of flexibility that comes along with jobs in this field. Knowing about this flexibility and how it works will help you to secure the best salary you can within the average salary range.

The Typical Salary

The typical salary range for individuals who hold a masters in engineering degree goes from $50,000 a year to about $105,000 a year. This incredibly wide range is mostly due to the different salaries paid for different jobs in the engineering world. The list of potential careers in the engineering world for those who hold a masters degree in this field is a long one.

Some of the positions you might hold include jobs as a mechanical engineer, structural engineer, electrical engineer, project engineer, or civil engineer. A masters in engineering is another one of those degrees that can lead you to a plethora of career paths and just as many different salaries. But this is just the beginning of how flexible your salary with a masters in engineering can be.

Negotiating A Better Salary

What you may not know is that with the right degree and the right amount of demand in the engineering field for people with a masters degree you may have some bargaining power. How much power you actually hold will depend upon not only your degree but also the amount of experience that you have. It will also depend upon how much demand there is for engineers in the position that you are applying for. Even with an advanced engineering degree such as this supply and demand will influence your ability to negotiate, if not your salary itself.

Should You Negotiate?

You should only negotiate when you have enough to offer so that negotiating is a possibility. If you are not sure then you might be better off accepting any initial offer if it is reasonable. Remember that to negotiate you have to be able to offer something that other job candidates can’t.

You average salary with a masters in engineering is not set in stone. Many factors will influence it and you may even have some negotiating power. Just be sure that you don’t overestimate that power.

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